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Inboden Environmental Services

IES is completely focused on water and wastewater management, allowing us to address your needs with an expertise that's hard to match.

Environmental Consulting

Another way that we at IES use our extensive knowledge of water and wastewater is with our environmental consulting. Different situations need different water and wastewater applications, and consulting with IES will help you with any need you may have.

IES can compile and write your facility’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual(s) as required by the DEQ and Department of Health. We can also update and revise your current O&M manuals as necessary.

Public Education and Notification has become extremely difficult and far reaching, and IES can address Public Education and Notification requirements if they become necessary. We can also develop your Bacteriological Site and Disinfection Byproduct Plans and draft, implement and monitor your Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Plan for your drinking water application. Even if IES does not operate your facility, we can provide monitoring and tracking of your testing requirements and can handle the periodic sampling and testing for the Department of Health. IES is also able to write your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP), and can then manage the SPPP for you.

After many years of handling utility management in Virginia, IES can help you design a solution for your new development or community, or help you find a better answer when your current setup isn’t working for you. Not only can we figure out the best solution to meet your water or wastewater demands, we can help you secure the permits you need. Once we know your circumstances, we can make sure that you get the permit that fits, and can walk you through the application process. It’s easy to end up paying for tests and costs that don’t apply to your specific situation, and IES can help you make sure that you avoid these extraneous costs.

IES is well-versed in the necessary permits required for different situations. IES can help you with permit renewals and re-issuance. This can often be a long, tedious application and testing process that IES will gladly manage for you.

In all applications, IES can respond to governmental inspections of your facility. IES can be your intermediary with regulatory agencies in many situations. If a utility or municipality finds itself in violation of regulations, IES can analyze the situation and help develop a plan to get in compliance as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can also negotiate with regulators to resolve the situation to satisfy both parties.

IES can also do characterization studies and site assessments when needed, whether for spills or releases, or just for general information.

Inboden Environmental Services
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