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The IES engineering department is qualified to create comprehensive water treatment design for municipal and public water systems...

Engineering Services

IES' addition of engineering to our list of services allows us to provide for our clients like never before.

The IES engineering department is qualified to create a comprehensive water treatment design for municipal and public water systems that can include a wide range of physical and chemical treatment systems. We can evaluate your water system and give you the information you require, whether it's your system's ability to meet VDH and ISO requirements, or its performance under present and anticipated future conditions. When a new design is in order, IES will help with modeling of your water system, siting and design of water tanks, water system control valves, and water main sizing. We can also assist communities with planning and construction grant and loan fund applications. Plus, no matter what type of pump is required, IES can help you design your system in any configuration, including small booster pumps and hydropneumatic systems, fire pumps, and high service pumps. In addition, IES will help you with the permits for your well source and well pump design. The IES team will be happy to produce drawings, specifications, and contract documents for your project. We can also perform contract administration and inspections.

If your needs revolve around wastewater systems, the IES engineering department has you covered as well. We can devise a plan for the rehabilitation or replacement of your existing pumping station. We also design renovations that replace wetwells, and can replace vacuum lift pumps with submersibles or suction lift. If your need is an entirely new pumping station, IES can plan it. Designs include suction lift, submersible, wetwell/drywell, variable pumping pre-rotation pumps, and screw lift pump configurations. Sizes range from residential grinder unit networks to wastewater plant influent pumps. IES can also handle the design of new, or the renovation of existing, wastewater treatment plants. This includes pumping headworks, settling, biological treatment, nutrient removal, sludge handling and digestion, disinfection, and on-site alternative treatment units or package plants.

Inboden Environmental Services
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